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Restaurant Reviews Same Location, New Name

Published on October 27th, 2012 | by Kevin Barron


Review: Ozzie’s Jersey Boys Pizzaria

1803 West Palmetto Street
Florence, SC
843-664-8888 – Phone
843-664-3333 – Fax

Same Location, Similar Menu, New Name


Ozzie’s Alamangia was one of my favorite places for a hot sandwich. The Cheesesteak was my favorite. I even wrote a specific post here on PeeDeeFoodie.com about it. Thankfully, (Ozzie’s) Jersey Boys Pizzaria is essentially Ozzie’s Alamangia re-born. The interiors are essentially the same and, thankfully, the food is just as good.

Why You Should Go

You’ll find simple, authentic sandwiches, familiar plated dinners, and some of the area’s best New York Style pizza. The prices are reasonable and the service is friendly. They deliver at lunchtime for orders of $25.00 or more.

Dining Experience

After reading recommendations from online friends, I finally was in the neighborhood at lunchtime and decided to give Jersey Boys Pizzeria a try. I’m glad that I did.

Meatball Parmesan Sandwich

I arrived and was pleased to see several others waiting to place their orders. Ozzie’s Alamangia was not that well known, and in my opinion, a bit under appreciated. While I was reviewing the menu and waiting to place my order at the register, I noted that the Cheesesteak was still on the menu, but I decided to try something a bit different. Iniitally I asked for a Veal Parmesan Sandwich ($10.29), but to my disappointment they were out of veal. Pivoting to choice number two, I ordered the Meatball Parmesan Sandwich ($7.29). I went with a large, but would later realize that the large size is really large and the regular size would have been fine for me.

The sandwich was made up quickly with housemade meatballs, which were medium in size and plentiful. The housemade bread was fresh and not too thick. The “red gravy”, as my Italian grandmother would call it, wasn’t drowning the sandwich and the cheese was bubbly from being in the oven. By the time I opened my to-go container to check out the sandwich, the smells had me salivating. Nose and taste buds are still friends, you’ll be happy to know, because it was savory, a bit spicy, and very satisfying. I enjoyed half of my sandwich back at the office with an overwhelmingly-large side order of fresh cut french fries, which I couldn’t finish. I took home the balance and my family and I split the sandwich as part of our supper that evening.

Actually, that’s not the end of the story. I liked my sandwich so much, as did my family, that we decieded to order a pizza for take-out later in the week. The specialty pizza we chose was … wait for it … the Cheesesteak Pizza ($21.95)! Surprised? Specialty pizzas only come in one size – Large – so that’s what we got. It was still hot when we got it home, as we don’t live far from Five Points, and it looked wonderful. The cheese was gooey, the steak was well distributed across the pie, and the slices were portioned generously. The unanimous verdict was that we liked it, especially the texture of the thin New York Style crust.

Sample Menu

Stromboli (Italian or Cheese Steak) – $12.95 Small, $15.95 Large
Hot Pastrami Steamer – $7.29
Tuna Melt – $6.99
Chicken, Sausage, or Meatball Parmesan Hoagie – $5.49 Small, $7.29 Large
Veal Parmesan Sandwich – $10.29 Large Only
Italian Sub – $5.49 Small, $7.29 Large
Italian Grinder – $5.49 Small, $7.29 Large
Spaghetti Dinner – $8.99
Fra Diavillo – $13.99
Penne Pollo – $12.99
Manicotti – $12.99

The menu is large, so be sure to review the whole thing when you visit. It took me about 10 minutes to get a good feel for it.

Opportunities for Improvement

While the restaurant is called a pizzeria, the decor is mostly unchanged from its former life. It is comfortable and clean, but to boost ambiance (and inside sales versus take-out/delivery), Jersey Boys Pizzaria may wish to spice up the interior a bit more to match its menu.

Photo Gallery

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4 Responses to Review: Ozzie’s Jersey Boys Pizzaria

  1. The sweet life says:

    Love their pizza!!!  Just like New York Pizza!!!

    • PeeDeeFoodie says:

      @The sweet life Me too! What’s your favorite?

      • The sweet life says:

        @PeeDeeFoodie My favorite is pizza with fresh garlic but the crust is so crispy and the cheese stretches a foot high that not matter what you put on it you will be in love!!!

      • The sweet life says:

        @PeeDeeFoodie  @The sweet life My favorite it pizza with chunks of garlic…but the crust is so crispy and the cheese stretches up to your face that no matter what you put on it it would be you’ll be in love!!!!

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