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ROTW: Maple Pecan Pie

• November 7, 2011 • Comments (1)
Pecan Pie Slice
Slice of Pecan Pie, Photo by Stu Spivak (

Well, we just celebrated the yearly South Carolina Pecan Festival here in Florence and I figured what better time for a Pecan Pie recipe. Pecan pies are great desserts to make. They’re quick to prep, simple to make and we love them, almost traveling back to the days of our youth in memories of pies eaten. For me growing up, pecan pies were the domain of Autumn, heralding the coming of Halloween and Thanksgiving with the aromas of the nuts, maple syrup and molasses drifting in the air.

For the pie shell in the recipe, you can either buy a pre-made frozen one or make your own. If you make it by hand, place it in the refrigerator to fully chill after you press it into the pie tin. Small changes in the seasonings used can make a huge difference in flavor, so try some experimenting with the amounts, and some different spices, like a pinch of cinnamon or allspice.


[Editor’s Note: A special welcome to our visitors from Vermont. We’re glad you visited.]

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