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Published on August 8th, 2010 | by Kevin Barron


Main Street Sweet!

We’re nuts about Walt Disney World and, of course, good food. Now, good food can be defined as “tasty, delicious, unique, innovative, high quality, satisfying, healthy, nutritious” — you name it. In the case of Main Street Confectionery on Main Street USA, it’s just plain Sweet!

Cast Members in costume; making fun!

During a recent visit to WDW, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to mill around the Confectionery. It was Fourth of July weekend and it was crowded, but not overly so. We looked at the regular selection of packaged goodies, of course, but what caught our eyes were the display cases of fudge, covered apples, cookies and more … and more. While outside the Summer heat reached toward the stratosphere, the air conditioning in this shop was heavenly. Of course, that helped us decide to linger a bit longer that we might have otherwise.

There were covered apples, sugar cookies, slices of fudge, boxes of taffy and oodles of other treats all dressed in their Independence Day finery, complete with Mickey Mouse ears in some cases. As a matter of fact, there was red, white and blue throughout, just as you would expect. Disney never disappoints in the decor department. If you haven’t been during Christmas or even Halloween and Thanksgiving, they’re must sees. This being our first time for Fourth of July, the small town, early 20th century feel of Main Street was particularly fitting. The Confectionery fit perfectly into this living diorama of Walt’s early years in Marceline, Missouri.

Not to be a spoil-sport, but you know as well as I do that a good bit of what’s sold in the Confectionery and across WDW is made elsewhere in large production-based kitchens. The Confectionery is no exception. That said, if you watch the Cast Members work you can identify the housemade items and load up before they disappear! Above is a shot of the work space used for in-house finishing of a limited number of items. Behind a door (out of frame to the left) is a large stock room full of plastic bins themselves full of goodies for restocking shelves and display cases. While some resort gift shops carry some of the stock here, you’ll quickly agree that the selection is keenest here. There’s not much that the Confectionery doesn’t carry, so you can imagine the amount of food that finds its way down Main Street everyday. Take time to speak to the Cast Members, also pictured above, as they seemed to always have a smile on their faces, even during this busy time.

In addition to goodies a la Old Glory, during our visit, they had Summer-themed sweets including sugar cookies decorated like flip-flops right along side their Nemo-shaped neighbors. The sugar cookes are light and not expensive , as compared to some other items, so while fragile they do make for easy park eating. Our daughter found her personal Nemo here at the Confectionery.

Not pictured, but in abundance were my favorite items — Mickey Mouse-shaped puffed rice (is that the generic term we’re supposed to use) treats with chocolate covered ears. They had them not only in abundance, but also in variety. I enjoyed my traditional milk chocolate covered version, but there were white chocolate versions, as well as some decorated with red, white and blue crystallized sugar. As you’ll note from the photo on the left, the variety of covered apples, cupcakes and fudge was just as grand, if not more so. These apples make great take-home gifts for friends and family.

In short, what makes the treats at the Main Street Confectionery so wonderful? Well, the variety and the taste are both good answers, but I think it’s something more. I think it’s the environment and the sheer excitement of being on Main Street USA. Yes, the food is good, but it’s the experience that is oh-so sweet.

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