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Published on April 8th, 2010 | by Kevin Barron


Review: Magnolia Grill

(New Orleans, LA)   Earlier this week, as per the post below, we visited the French Quarter and had a great time (sans liquors). Breakfast was sought out at a quiet local place and the Magnolia Grill on Decatur Street was our choice. It was near the French Market, clean and inviting. While we would have opted for Cafe du Monde for café au lait and beignets, our parking options were very limited and that would have been a “fer piece” to walk with our ticking meter. Besides, the Magnolia had a great lunch counter, lots of tables, more hot options and clean restrooms — not a small thing, let me tell you.

Local flavor was on the menu for us, of course. My choice was Pain Perdu, or lost bread. It’s a traditional dish made much like French Toast but with day-old French Bread sliced into sections. The name comes from that aged bread, because now that it’s past its prime it is “lost” for other purposes, except maybe bread pudding — but that’s another post. Eggs over medium and sausage with that lost bread and I was a relatively happy camper.

Mrs. PDF got the same thing and loved it. I would have liked it more, but L’il Pee Dee ate most of mine before I could get a hold on it. After seeing it, her choice of “cheese fries” (yea, I know), thankfully they went by the wayside.

The Magnolia had a diner feel, but in a building that had to have been erected/rebuilt not later than 1850; probably much earlier. The open diner kitchen was a comfort as you could see the ingredients themselves and appreciate what was going into your meal. The server we had was awesome. She was attentive and accommodating, even to the point of locating some cortisone cream for a skin irritation my daughter had on a forearm. Hospitailty to the second power, I say.

Enjoy the photos and visit the Magnolia if you have some time on your next visit to “the Quarter”. It’s not the most authentic N’Awlins place (no grits and grillades), but it’s good eats, pretty inexpensive and very convenient.

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One Response to Review: Magnolia Grill

  1. Trudy says:

    magnolia grill is a great place for lunch too …excellent fried chicken and great burgers and french fries. Most of those old guys who work behind the counter have been there for 40 years or more. It’s a true NO “institution” and not to be missed as a “cultural experience” when in NO …I miss it.

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