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Published on April 7th, 2010 | by Kevin Barron


Review: Kyoto Two

(Harahan, LA)   Since Hurricane Katrina the diversity of food in and around the city of New Orleans has increased exponentially, in my opinion. From Cajun and creole standbys, it’s not uncommon to find Pakistani, Indian, Greek, Korean, Cuban and other ethnic representations from across the globe. Makes for tough choices when on a Spring break road trip. That said, as I’m a sushi nut, I had to start with a few good rolls.

Kyoto Two is the second location of a successful duo of locations on the outskirts of the city. With the parking lot busy and a recommendation in mind, this was our place.

Below you will see a variety of images, including a shot of the sign and menu, but zoom past that to the interior shot and the sushi rolls. The interior was typical of a locally owned sushi place with lots of Japanese poster art and knickknacks — notice the New Orleans Saints logo on the poster left of the sushi bar. It was clean, bright and inviting. As it’s in Louisiana it also had video poker machines sectioned off, but pretty much in the middle of the dining area.

The menu was extensive with roll names reflective of the area. Nope, no alligator sushi or nutria on the menu; i checked! The meal came with the appetizer noodles you see here, including a very light fish broth. Best freebie I’ve had and would have paid for it if offered separately. For my entrees, I chose the Crawfish Roll, Steve Roll and Désirée Roll. All were fresh and the Désirée (tempura battered) came in 6 huge pieces. That one was the best, with a mixture of salmon, tuna other complementary fish that just hit the spot. Plenty to share and enjoy as well. Steve (topped with wasabi roe) was pretty good, but the least of the three in my opinion. Too much going on there. The crawfish roll was a bit fishy, but also seasoned as you would expect crawfish would be in the Big Easy. It was spicy and satisfying. I had found my sushi fix and now could move on to other adventures.

Kyoto Two was good, better than most sequels I’ve seen. Service was prompt, if utilitarian.  Would I go back? Yes. Would I order the Steve Roll again? No, but I would seek out the Sushi Roll Named Désirée.

That’s Quick Bite #1 from N’Awlins. More to come.

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